Up until the Battle of the Citadel, the Turian Hierarchy had refused to pay interest on top of the reparations already paid.With the turians in a superior position, able to kill any human soldiers from above, the Shanxi defenders began to starve, unable to get food or supplies without risking civilian lives.With just a couple of defense turrets to assist them, a small strong point and no cover, Ahern and his men managed to fight the turians off for five minutes until their evac arrived.Veterans on both sides would harbour mistrust for a long time; Saren Arterius nurtured a hatred for humanity for the death of his brother and became an outspoken critic of human policy.This was forbidden under the Citadel regulations after the Rachni Wars, but instead of negotiating, the turians opened fire.The two races are now trade partners, and the construction of the SSV Normandy, which was designed and built by engineers of both races, began to mend the antagonism between humans and turians. Bungo stray dogs. Alternatively, if the Citadel Council is not saved, various news reports suggest a resurgence of distrust between the two races, and a buildup of turian military forces in response to 'human aggression'.Some of the nuclear-armed probes sent into turian space remained at large; their existence remains an Alliance secret that could result in political consequences from the Citadel if revealed.Eventually General Williams, Ashley Williams ' grandfather, was forced to surrender the Shanxi garrison.In the end, only six hundred and twenty-three human lives were lost with slightly more turian casualties.

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I have little patience and focus and I make no guarantees that I'll see this through.Walt let out a primal, bloodthirsty roar, something he never thought he was capable of producing again.He just had a few more feet to the exit.He could never tell their gender, even when they were trying to kill him.She sure as hell was asking a lot of questions, and she was military.Still screaming, Walt managed to close the distance between him and the taxi. Kozume Kenma on Haikyuu-x-Reader. She laughed too, which relieved Walt, as he didn't want her gone until she lost.He broke out into the closest thing he could get to a sprint, moving with intensity he didn't think he had anymore.It was that turian.It rubbed its neck and finally broke eye contact, going back to its drink.If this becomes somewhat popular, I'll try to keep going.He noticed a lone turian dressed in black leaning on the bar and looking right at him.Comments: 46 Kudos: 39 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 1024.He hated turians.He put one leg in front of the other, turning his waist with each step to build momentum.The glasses she was carrying exploded on the floor, and the two fell down into the mess.Walt had a feeling this was going to get sloppy fast.He put her arm around his neck, grabbed her wrist, and tried to do a walk assist carry. Maybe a little rough around the edges.The cab tore off, leaving the salarian as an ever shrinking angry blurr.The first two options that came to mind was get the hell out before she puked on him or stay and find amusement in this turian's drunken stupor. It kept staring at him, so he glared at it.The governments from both parties are ready to move on, but its people aren't. Natsume youkai. The bartender was back on his feet, moving through the crowd with speed and finesse not like what was previously displayed, while Walt was now moving at a speedy walk.He choked on his spit and felt water leaking from his bad eye. You should've finished me off.Walt climbed in the cab and slammed the door shut.He gazed into the reflection of the goofy blue eyed ginger emitting from the drink as more dark unhappy thoughts crept from up the from the black pit of his mind.I gave them everything I had and then some, but they don't give a damn about what it cost me.Its a 3rd person story centered around two main characters, so whatever is in italics is whatever's going on in their mind.Although he didn't get very far before crashing into an asari waitress.Even with the warm welcome from the once hostile race, and a female turian keen on being his best friend, Walter has trouble putting the past to rest, which is exactly what some people want.

Anderson get to the Turrets and fires at the shields.The opening scene also shows Human explorers reactivating an inactive mass relay, which the Turians notice as forbidden under the Citadel regulations after the Rachni Wars.Shepard, you do know how to kill two cops and we can teach you how to kill a commando.After that, he highjacks a motercylce and fly's over the city with two cops behind him.Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.Shepard mocks a ship that's being built. Sam Community. A space battle goes on overhead of the planet.This article will be the start of a trilogy.One of the Admirals comes out to greet them.Back on Earth, Shepard and the other new members begin training.They take the information and leave, nuking the base as they leave.The Turian ship's shields get destroyed and is getting damaged.This first article will take place on the first month of The First Contact war.The crew of the SSV Kennedy discover a turian war colony.Inside the Turian ship, they battle there way to an escape pod.Anderson and four other troops go though theycolony and hack into the main frames.After they kill there way in, they find more planets with turians..Anderson and whats left of his squad head for the airlock.Troops get loaded on the Aliance war ships and take off.They go they to discover there out gunned.But instead of negotiating, they went to war.One of the new members say he's tired of fighting the VIs. Crimson Moon — David Lesperance. The Roof on the first deck gets destroyed so Anderson and his squad decide to get off the ship.

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When they saw him kneeling at gunpoint, the human squad visibly rejoiced.Arms swaying wide to the side, he desperately tried to find his balance.The photos he saw didn’t really do justice to the rumors.After that, things escalated at a frightening speed. They must have arrived recently.The thing was barely bigger than a book and aside from a couple switches it had no outstanding features. Slut harry potter fanfiction. The man however has seemingly gone bald.His lifespan had most likely been reduced from decades to mere weeks.All he needed to do was hold out for a couple hours more, until reinforcements arrived.One projectile skidded on his helmet’s visor, cracking but not breaking it.Fell into the trap of underestimating the enemy.The pride emanating from them made his heart sink.It wasn’t quite what Garrus had expected.What his fellow turians wanted to hear was a tale of defiance against the merciless humans. According to an upset medic, one of the humans bit her on the arm.Sedatives had become part of the protocol.They obviously had an amicable relationship, but Garrus had yet to see anyone treat this particular human with animosity.As always, he seemed to be in a relaxed mood.Garrus had yet to see one up close to confirm that claim.Shepard had to remind herself to keep all questions and answers simple.Shepard counted nine spiky growths that grew around the scalp and tapered down towards the back.Lina could tell she was entwined in ruminating thoughts, none of them pleasant.As he tried to roll out the line of fire, his armor resonated with the force of multiple impacts. Ahsoka. For now.Even tried to make some conversation with Garrus too, disregarding his lack of ability to understand a single word..Perched high above in his sniper’s nest, safe behind a window, he only had to be patient while the enemy hid like vermin.Shepard thanked her good luck for finding the one single turian who had the courtesy to stay alive.When she put down her package on the table they seemed to tense up.The struggle was far from over for humanity; it was clearly laid out under the station’s lights.The wardens had learned quickly not to leave anything within reach for a captive human.The barrel of a gun was glaring back at him.Standing near the entrance with two of her companions, all of them donned in the Alliance’s deep blue uniforms.If Lady Luck continued to bless her, she might set off some serious changes to the war.He wasn’t sure what he’d expected from this conversation, but this was definitely not it.

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Dexivea knew what he was doing, mind games with the enemy, he couldn't do anything else so he counted her failures, she tried not to let it bother her.Dexivea looked at one trap a turian had gotten stuck in, according to Telio Mactus the engineer in charge the trap was triggered by a trip wire and fired a steel bolt, much like a crossbow would, the only difference is this one would try and retract after firing.Dexivea made sure her two patients had a change of clothes, sadly they only had clothes for the Council races but they looked like they would fit Turian patrol fleets often dealt with slavers, pirates and other criminal elements and often civilians would be rescued.Nate appeared to make a mark on the wall of his cell for every turian that Dexivea couldn't save.Dexivea's eyes went wide as she realized it was two alien's talking, using her sub harmonics to let her squad know she heard something.The puer looked at her before looking back at the toys, taking a chance Dexivea reached forward and grabbed a model ship she noticed he was looking at and offered it to him. Image result for yoosung x saeran. The puer looked up at her and while she could tell it was still terrified but likely didn't know what she wanted from him.As expected the two aliens, even in cuffs got plenty of stares and while the puer was scared of the attention, the older one was staring back much like a caged varren would.The puer looked at the ship before looking at her before back at the model again and slowly reached out to grab the ship from her, to her surprise when he did take it he stayed where he was and just looked at the ship.Like now, they were being moved and while Kurt was happy to be standing near Dexivea, Nate however would stand facing the bars of his cell and just wait.The older one, if she was accurate would be young but old enough to be given a weapon, his posture and the way he was looking around however told her that he was a trained killer and based on what Telio had told her was an combat engineer.Dexivea tried to be emotionally distant from the alien puer but when she did, Kurt would be depressed and refuse to eat.Dexivea looked at the river and tried to think what she knew about this new species, she knew that a name the soldiers had been calling the aliens evolved Pyjaks.Dexivea looked at the puzzle box, now this will be an interesting test.Dexivea pointed to them and then to the showers, the puer seemed to be shy and covered itself up as much as possible.A dyitan cube was a small cube designed for turian pueriti, salarians called it a simple puzzle box which just seemed wrong somehow.

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Any moisture traps would almost certainly fail.Insidious? Yes, but he's not a nice person.Although Jane thought her older sister, Kahlee, had known what she was up to.Two years earlier the first human colony outside of Sol, Shanxi, was wiped out by a mysterious force.She was still wearing her work clothes, for when Kahlee tutored her afterschool.No one else would be coming, especially not Kelly or anyone else from school. Les 9 meilleures images de Bruno ans boots. Jane Shepard wouldn't die for a man, no way.Jane hadn't mentioned that said study session was in the dunes, or that Kaidan Alenko from Algebra would be there.The only confirmed survivor is Cadet Commander Jane Shepard.During the following hours of hell Jane laid there listening to the screaming and occasional gunshot.Jane had just reached him when he pulled her into a kiss.I don't think anyone will care.If Kaidan went back, she was certain he would die.The one shot I posted isn't the same universe as OFL is.I felt like a contact war AU would be real fun.She watched Kaidan's retreating back for a moment, but then went back to hiding.I've seen a lot of really long, really good fics lately for this pairing though.Colonist Shepard Engineer Shepard War Hero Shepard Canon-Typical Violence.She ran over the last rise and saw Kaidan, standing at the top of a nearby dune..I know there's a buncha tags that don't really make sense in reference to the story so far, but I promise they will if you give me some time.Her only chance at survival was through the night.Sorry if it's a bit rough around the edges. NieR Automata 9S x Female Reader. I'm vibing with Mass Effect more right now.Jane knew she couldn't live out here for long.It was the sound of tortured souls being laid to rest.Her shirt was an old fashioned blue gingham button up, the kind a grandma would wear.There had been a screwdriver in her back pocket that she was now clutching like it could save her.I don't write ahead and don't really extensively rewrite chapters when they're first posted.Comments: 4 Kudos: 21 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 526.Also the way he acts on Horizon is gross.It sounded like a ship taking off, but she didn't dare move to check.Garrus is 14 in this fic's beginning, which is off by a few years canonically, but this is also a Relay 314 incident AU s o.No one in Alliance Command (or otherwise on Earth) knows what happened in the two years she went dark.Shanxi was mostly composed of miners, and Jane's sister taught her how to keep the machines clean.Maybe it was a trap and whoever they were luring her out.

And that's what makes your first encounter with intelligent creatures in Mass Effect: Andromeda such a disappointment.A baptism of fire, letting you know that life in Andromeda won?t be easy.And I wish they?d chosen the latter over the former for this moment.First contact with a truly alien species.And then, in the distance, I see something moving.The Hyperion arrives at her destination and Habitat 7 looms into view. Gravity falls truth or dare fanfiction. Communicating with light and music in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.Future US, Inc.These are stirring, evocative moments that, like the best science fiction, say as much about us as a species as the creatures we meet.And so my first encounter with another intelligence in a distant galaxy is shooting at it.With Kosta and Harper in tow I make my way through a series of caves and swamps, dodging floating rocks and stray bolts of lightning.I always enjoyed wandering the Normandy and talking to everyone after a mission to get their perspective on things, and I hope I'll get to do the same on Ryder's ship, the Tempest.You?re also introduced to the scanner, a device used to analyse the bizarre technology, flora, and fauna you?ll discover as you explore Andromeda?s planets.The game passed up a potentially great sci-fi moment for what is essentially a combat tutorial.I mean, I know that?s what?s defined us for centuries, but surely it?s time to buck the trend.First contact with another species has been firing the imaginations of writers for years, and it?s the basis of some wonderful science fiction moments.

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As decreed by the Council in 800 CE in conjunction with the Citadel Conventions, the unsanctioned reactivation of an inert Mass Relay is a capital offense, and any crewmen aboard a ship that does such a thing can be sentenced to life imprisonment, or its equivalent for their government.Find the Halo located in alien space and ensure no aliens take control of it.We are the first to enter battle and the last to retreat.Thirdly, we have long assumed that should a Flood outbreak occur, our ability to detect slip-space exits would allow us to detect where it had spread, giving us time to quarantine, and destroy the infection.Our mettle has been tested, time and time again.Until now, conventional space-warfare was based on the assumption that all faster than light travel would be conducted via slip-space, allowing us to determine when and where enemy ships would appear due to both the radiation flares that occur upon exiting slip-space, and the limiting effects of reconciliation; restricting the distance and location ships can appear. Lois. As a form of transport, they have immense potential to accelerate colonization efforts, and assist in the location and acquisition of the remaining 4 Halo arrays not under UNSC control.Opening a portal to a different dimension and sending a small asteroid’s worth of mass in the form of ships and supplies across space beyond the speed of light tends to disgruntle the laws of physics.Thankfully, SIGNIT astronomers were able to detect a gravitational anomaly approximately 2 AUs, that’s twice the distance from the Sun to the Earth for our friends in the marine corps, from Shanxi and discovered this object. The 57th engaged and destroyed the ship causing the radiation flare, resulting in the release of a massive burst of radioactive and electromagnetic waves, incapacitating the remaining alien ships allowing the 57th to destroy four vessels, and capture one of their corvettes.Although Mass Relays are theoretically indestructible, should one be destroyed projections of the ensuing release of dark energy predict that the explosion would rival that of the largest supernovae observed; destroying entire systems.As the UNSC barely has the ships to protect our colonies from Remnant splinter fleets and Kig-Yar pirates, controlling every Mass Relay cannot be done with our existing space assets.This expeditionary flotilla would travel through the Shanxi-Theta Relay with the experimental transport ship the UNSC Kefitzat-Haderech.What you see before you is the source of the gravitational anomaly.

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It prodded her with it's own gun, pulling her to turn slowly.She tried to move her leg and shouted with pain.She had to be, or she wouldn't still be alive after the raiders.Garrus Vakarian tried to be a good Turian.She slowly tapped her fingers against her military cargo pants.It's digitigrade legs and toes caused it to run fast and menacingly, and if the wind hadn't been knocked out of her she may have shouted out a warning. Rwby fanfiction jaune loses an eye. Shepard had the mind to try and get up and search through it's things, but suddenly her eyelids were heavy and her limbs didn't work, and she drifted.No one had ever fought one out in the open like this, just aboard space ships with guns, nice and far away from one another.She was slowly approaching the last known location of activity.A tall creature, with hard plates covering it's face and large heavy armor.We've sent in drones and we've lost contact with all of them.She had never seen trees like this before - perhaps a tree here or there in a large city but not in acres of unmarked mountainous terrain.She heard a strange, dual-toned chirping sound coming from the alien as it's head popped back over the edge.Spend all of this military money just to track down some wildlife.She had moved to a Mars Colony, helped her parents start a life there, watched them die when the raiders came, was sold into slavery, was saved by the Alliance, joined the military, and became the best damned soldier of the century.But that wouldn't explain the weird signal they got a few days ago.

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She’d fallen into the rear sweep position automatically.Saren unhooked a thin, rolled bundle from Ari’s pack.Cabals fall under the 1st Cohort, Blackwatch the 5th Cohort.A warehouse, maybe. “Minax is down.But it was either take the risk or lose him to shock and compartment syndrome for certain. The hobbit fanfiction bilbo cuts his hair. CQC - Close-quarters combat; a tactical concept usually focused on infantry with light arms in confined spaces.They dragged Minax between them, crossing toward Ranike as quickly as they dared, their path dotted with still-smoking plasma scars. “Lenius, anything to report on Thracia detachment?” Minax asked, skirting the burnt shell of a human vehicle.There was no real physical cover to be found beside the radix wall, but the billowing mixture of smoke overhead was better than nothing.Where was Minax? Could they even hear him.The sooner Ravus broke atmo again and turned thrusters to Shanxi, the better.He offered one end to Trevia, spread the rest far enough to hold one turian, and worked with her to drag Minax to the makeshift carrier.Ari wasn’t far behind them and had moved quickly to Minax’s head to run diagnostics and vitals through her omni.The Marine detachment they were meeting was home to a few of his former squadmates from basic.The door Ari had chosen as their entry point was twisted into slag beneath the powdery edges of a slab of instacrete. “I’m trying them every quartent.I couldn't resist.So I decided to rewrite from the First Contact War as if that were true.” Ari bowed over a shape half in and half out of the flickering barrier’s protection, barely visible in the orange half-light.

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They had often avoided talking of their military background but Zhang had noticed that Victis was never lax. The General had only really told him she had been coughing and a little warm.So many residual emotions pushed him towards the General’s door and led to him asking what he could do to help.What was once the comforting familiar silence is now foreign and tight with anxiety.Someone he had to put to the back of his mind to prepare for the others.He can only stare back, tight lipped and stiff like prey being cornered by a predator. Ahsoka nsfw. “I had noticed the other humans were cold to you.After weeks of being made an social pariah, Zhang drank in their talks like a man parched of thirst.He was thinking pitifully as he waited in vain for the elevator doors to swing open so this journey would end.Comments: 33 Kudos: 67 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1118.Some were less tactful and would say things while he was still in earshot.” Inwardly, he hoped that the rest of the trip to Hannah Shepard’s holding cell would be short.It was careless, and perhaps even selfish.He could see the way his mandibles moved again, though this time a little differently.Thank you for tuning into Connie's Chinese 101 rundown.His head tilted slightly and a sound rumbled from his chest that sounded close to a laugh.Yet somehow, Zhang found familiarity with a certain turian who always seemed to be there when he needed to run through the motions of being escorted and watched as he worked with patients. It was the also the long gaps of silence when he had been left wondering if they were dead.

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Catching her chest as she bent over a bit.”.Hitting him with hers together before drinking at the same time.History is at the making as time passes.Kandros walked a few feet inside to find Zephera in the middle of doing burpees.Communication to The Milky Way is all but scrambles and static. Gina lestrade. The door startled him when he attempted to knock on it.You know that, and you know what I can do.This caught Kandros to feel confused, and a bit hurt.I.We are as fascinated as you with this realization of how these people are alive.He had only watched her from afar, letting her do her reps before making his presence known.Kandros had seen white hair on humans before.She moved her body to the side, keeping her eyes to the ground and her face slightly turned to his direction, “ We never gotten to properly get to know each other before all of this.They're just doing what they're programmed for.He adjusted himself, making his way back to his work.It suited her with the waves going away from her face.Making eye contact with him will only push him to speak more.Yet, the road ahead of us is still clouded.Sensing her feelings affected by his confession. Once they see or hear something. soldiers standing guard at the door at all times while she trains.s guarding every corner of the castle in progress. Tommen And Myrcella Are Dating IRL. It’s not her right to question such things.This is the time Zephera had finally met his eyes submissively.Meanwhile, life before Zephera's Ascendence is told.Most of them were elderly, but the guards are young.

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